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ReportsnReports – Wireless Broadband in Public Safety – Advanced Technologies and Global Market (2010 – 2015)

Report Summary
Wireless broadband technology, in its various forms, is getting popular, driven by its applications in public safety, transportation, and utility industries. The sector had earlier experienced problems due to unreliable equipment and faulty network designs, but these have been taken care of with improvements in infrastructure and advanced network technologies.
With increasing terrorism across the globe and unanticipated natural disasters over the last decade, the public safety application segment has emerged as a key market for the wireless broadband technology providers. Growth in the implementation of city-wide and municipal wireless broadband services is driving innovations worth billions of dollars, and is expected to scale new heights within the next five years; benefiting ISPs (internet service providers), mobile device, and infrastructure developers.
Developments during the next three to six years are expected to be crucial for wireless broadband technologies. Analog television spectrum is likely to be cleared by most countries and auctioned off to mobile broadband operators. In line with the U.S., these spectrums are likely to be used in public safety applications in many countries. The usage of satellite technology in public safety is gaining momentum as there is a growing need for integration and effective collaboration among public safety institutions and advanced navigation and information system; especially in remote locations.
Scope of the report
The report provides extensive analysis of “wireless broadband in public safety market” including current market trends, industry drivers, and challenges for better understanding of the market. This report covers the strategies followed by “wireless broadband in public safety market” players.
Introduction & Market Overview
These sections discuss the market definitions of wireless broadband in public safety market by technology & infrastructure, equipments & devices, and services. They also discuss the way market is segmented and the methodology and assumptions considered for forecasting the revenues. The winning imperatives, along with the burning issues in the market are covered. Drivers, restraints, and opportunities for “wireless broadband in public safety market by infrastructure, end-user devices, and services” have also been covered in this section.
Market segmentation
This research report categorizes the global market for wireless broadband in public safety into the following submarkets:
On the basis of network technologies:
Microwave Links (LMDS/MMDS) technology
Satellite communication technology
Free space optics technology
On the basis of devices:
Handheld mobile computers
Speaker microphones
On the basis of Services:
Project management
Design & integration
Network deployment
Operations & maintenance
On the basis of Wireless Broadband Public Safety Applications:
Incident scene management
Personnel safety & location
Video surveillance
Automated vehicle locating
Emergency medical telemetry
Mobile VPN access
Workforce collaboration
Document management & retrieval
On the basis of Geography:

North America

South America
EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan)
Geographic Analysis
This section provides a brief overview of all the geographies pertaining to “wireless broadband in public safety market”; it covers the trends prevailing in each geography which are impacting the overall “wireless broadband in public safety market by governance level” market in that particular geography.
Company Profiles
This section provides the company profiles of major companies participating in the “wireless broadband in public safety market”. Company profiles include a brief overview of the company, primary business, financial overview, strategies followed, and developments.
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Key questions answered

What are the major wireless broadband (WB) technologies used for public safety such as WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Long Term Evolution (LTE)?
What are the key application areas of wireless broadband for public safety?
What are the major trends that influence the wireless broadband in public safety markets at the macro and micro level and track geography specific trends?
What are the winning imperatives, key burning issues, and opportunities present in the market?
What are the factors which will drive the “wireless broadband technologies into public safety domain by infrastructure, equipments & devices, and services” and its various sub-segments?
What factors are inhibiting “wireless broadband technologies into public safety domain by infrastructure, equipments & devices, and services” market?
What is the market size and forecast (2010-2020) of wireless broadband technologies into public safety domain by infrastructure, equipments & devices, and services” market?
What are the trends prevailing in each geography?
How is the competitive outlook and who are the major players?
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