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China Automotive Windshield Wiper Industry Report,

An automotive windshield wiper is a set of devices capable of removing rain, frost and other materials from the windshield of an automobile. It can wipe obstacles off the windshield to ensure the driver a clear line of sight and reduce the accident probability. Promoted by the fast-growing automotive industry, the automotive windshield wiper market is gradually expanding in China. 

China’s automotive windshield wiper market has shown the following three characteristics in 2010:
1. Driven by the automotive market, the market demand for windshield wipers is strong 
China’s car ownership has exceeded 80 million, and is growing every year. In theory it’s better to replace the windshield wiper once a year, providing the automotive windshield wiper market with huge growth potential.
2. Foreign enterprises are major players in the market
Both the automotive windshield wiper OEM market and aftermarket of China are dominated by foreign-funded enterprises. In the OEM market, Valeo, ASMO and Mitsuba are major players, with 46% market shares collectively in 2010; in the aftermarket, besides foreign enterprises including Bosch, Valeo and ASMO, Taiwanese Sandolly and Mainland Chinese SHB Group also have a place.
3. Bracketless wiper is the main product
Automotive windshield wipers are divided into bracketed wipers and bracketless wipers. A bracketed wiper relies on a bracket to fit the wiper blade with the glass, while a bracketless wiper depends on a guide bar to spread the pressure and fit the wiper blade with the glass. With a better wiping performance, bracketless wipers have won the favor of Chinese consumers, and about 80% of the windshield wipers in the aftermarket, especially, are bracketless wipers. Bracketless wiper brands with higher satisfaction in China mainly include Bosch, Champion, Sandolly, Valeo, NWB and TRICO.
Based on the data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and a number of windshield wiper manufacturers, this Report makes a detailed analysis of the characteristics, main windshield wiper products, major manufacturers, OEM and market competition in China’s automotive windshield wiper industry, as well as the development trend of China’s windshield wiper market.

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