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Refinery Coking Units- Global Market Analysis, Capacity Forecasts and Competitive Landscape to 2016 by ReportsnReports

Refinery Coking Units - Global Market Analysis, Capacity Forecasts and Competitive Landscape to 2016

“Refinery Coking Units – Global Market Analysis, Capacity Forecasts and Competitive Landscape to 2016”, is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists, that offers comprehensive information on the refinery coking market. The report provides information on the global and regional refinery coking capacities and also highlights the key issues and trends in the global refinery coking market. The research provides an in depth analysis of the global refinery coking market with focus on refinery coking capacity growth by key companies and countries across various regions globally. The report also highlights the coking operations of some key refining companies globally.
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The report provides detailed information and analysis of refinery coking markets by country and regions. The report primarily focuses on -
- The major trends and key issues which impact the growth of the global refinery coking market during the period 2011–2016.
- Refinery coking capacity of the top five countries, top five companies and top five refinery coking units in five regions – Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America and South and Central America during the period 2005–2016. In each region, coking markets in the key countries are analyzed further.
- Capacity addition in the global refinery coking industry through expansion of existing coking units and planned completion of new refinery coking units during the period 2011–2016.
- The top five companies in each regional coking market, their refinery coking capacity shares and their equity weighted capacities to 2016.
- Detailed information by regions and countries, including terminal names along with historical and forecast coking capacities by 2016.
- Business description, refinery coking operations, future capacity addition of the five key global refinery coking companies – China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, ExxonMobil Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Valero Energy Corporation and Petróleos Mexicanos.
Reasons to buy:
The report will enhance your decision making capability. It will allow you to -
- Take prompt and effective business decisions supported by forecasts and well-researched analysis of the global and regional refinery coking markets.
- Identify potential investment targets based on detailed information of each refinery coking market globally.
- Devise business strategies based on the competitive structure of the markets if expanding or entering into a new refinery coking market.
- Plan your future investments in complex refineries by identifying future projects and active terminal expansions.
- Identify the most suitable geography to invest in new refinery projects.
- Gain insights into competitors’ endeavors based on the market shares of key coking refiners in each of the regional markets – Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America, and South and Central America.
- Make smart investment decisions in the refinery coking markets by leveraging on our detailed insights into the industry.
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