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The Future of Interior Products in the UK to 2015 by ReportsnReports

  • Market size and forecast of the UK Interior products industry
  • Current, historic and forecast value and trends of the individual products categories.
  • Description of distribution channels and user markets for the interior products industry.
  • Details of top Interior companies in UK.
‘The Future of Interior Products in the UK to 2015: Recovery to Gather Pace from 2012′ provides a top-level overview and detailed market, category and company-specific insights into the operating environment for interior products manufacturers and retailers. It is an essential tool for companies active across the UK interior products including producers, distributors and for new competitors considering entering the industry.
  • Historical value of interior products industry for 2006-10 and forecast figures for 2010-15
  • Supporting text on individual markets and values for categories for 2006-10 and forecasts till 2015
  • Profiles of top interior products companies in UK
  • Analysis of interior products industry attractiveness
Reasons To Buy
  • Gain insight on the UK interior products industry with current, historic and forecast figures
  • Gain insights into current, historic and forecast industry figures at end users and product category level
  • Identify top interior products industry players in UK along with profiles of all those companies
Key Highlights 
Demand for interior products in the UK is expected to increase steadily during the forecast period. Muted growth in the demand is expected in 2011, mainly due to rising inflation, reduced disposable income for expenditure on discretionary products, uncertain economic conditions and fears of a double-dip recession holding back major private-sector investment. However, from 2012 onwards the industry is expected to generate an increase in demand of between XX’XX%, mainly due to higher private-sector spending on commercial projects, increased residential consumer confidence and higher government spending on infrastructure projects.
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