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Bridging the connectivity gap – Developing Automotive platforms –

Bridging the connectivity gap – Developing Automotive platforms –
Vehicle manufacturers that are able to satisfy the consumer demand for portable device integration will benefit from the growth in equipment sales, improved safety, and high consumer satisfaction levels. To achieve these benefits, SBD has released two reports dedicated to helping the automotive industry understand the changing Consumer Electronics market and the integration strategies that can manage these trends.
Table Of Contents
1. Executive summary
1.1 Introduction to Bridging the connectivity gap reports
1.2 Introduction to this report
1.3 Summary of conclusions
2. Adapting to the rapidly changing CE market
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Shifting from stand-alone connectivity to integrated platforms
2.2.1 Developing connectivity platforms in-house
2.2.2 Using off-the-shelf 3rd party software solutions
2.3 Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each approach
2.4 Future outlook
3. Collaborating with the Consumer Electronics World
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Past collaboration attempts
3.3 Consumer Electronics for Automotive (CE4A)
3.3.1 Telephone Expert Group
3.3.2 Media Expert Group
3.3.3 PIM (Personal Information Management) Group
3.3.4 Navigation Expert Group
3.3.5 Standard Connector Expert Group
3.3.6 Terminal Mode Expert Group
3.3.7 Rights Form Expert Group
3.3.8 Reference Platform Expert Group
4. Standardising the physical connector
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Previous standardization attempts
4.3 Overview of CEA-2017 and its likely adoption
4.3.1 Why was CEA-2017 developed?
4.3.2 What does the standard describe?
4.3.3 When will the first portable devices with CEA-2017 connectors be launched?
4.3.4 What is the likely impact on the automotive industry?
4.4 Future outlook
Fig. 1 The evolving automotive connectivity strategies
Fig. 2 Comparison of in-house connectivity strategies
Fig. 3 Platform components within off-the-shelf connectivity platforms
Fig. 4 Analysis of the connectivity strategies
Fig. 5 Expert groups within the CE4A
Fig. 6 Integration scenarios for PNDs identified by CE4A
Fig. 7 Input/output description of CEA-2017 connector

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