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U.S. Market for Women's Health Devices 2011

U.S. Market for Women’s Health Devices 2011
Gynecology, obstetrics, and breast and bone health are all different types of women’s health. The markets for the devices and procedures used to treat issues in these areas are covered in this report.

In 2010, the U.S. women’s health market was valued at $2,266.3 million, a 4.9% increase over 2009. The main conditions dealt with by women’s health professionals in the U.S. are osteoporosis, cancer, incontinence, infertility and menstrual complications. Increasingly, sub-specialties are arising, particularly in gynecology, as urologists and oncologists move into the territory originally considered a gynecology specialty, and gynecologists move into urology and other surgery specialties.
This report covers devices used for:
  • Bone densitometry:
  • central and
  • peripheral
  • Breast biopsy devices:
  • spring loaded core needles
  • VABB devices
  • as well as breakdowns for stereotactic x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI guidance
  • Breast imaging:
  • mammography,
  • dedicated breast ultrasound,
  • breast MRI coils,
  • breast specific gamma imaging,
  • positron emission mammography and
  • breast ultrasound
  • OB/GYN ultrasound imaging
  • Fetal and neonatal monitoring:
  • hospital,
  • alternate and
  • home-use
  • Assisted reproduction:
  • embryo transfer catheters,
  • cyte retrieval needles,
  • micropipettes, and
  • reproductive media
  • Global endometrial ablation:
  • uterine balloon therapy,
  • hydrothermal ablation,
  • radiofrequency ablation,
  • cryoablation, and
  • microwave ablation
  • Endometrial resection:
  • monopolar and bipolar electrodes, and
  • resectoscopes
  • Uterine fibroid embolization:
  • microspheres and
  • conventional PVA particles
  • Hysteroscopes
  • rigid and
  • flexible
  • Colposcopes
  • Female sterilization:
  • Transcervical
  • Mechanical and
  • Bipolar sterilization
  • Female urinary incontinence slings:
  • synthetic and
  • non-synthetic
  • Pelvic floor electrical stimulation:
  • home and
  • office based
  • Fluid management:
  • capital equipment and
  • tubing

Within the Women’s Health market, companies such as Boston Scientific, Conceptus, Fujifilm Medical Systems, GE Healthcare, Hologic, Johnson & Johnson and Philips Medical Systems lead the market, among many others. This report provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of market revenues by device type, market forecasts through 2017, unit sales, average selling prices, market drivers and limiters and a detailed competitive analysis, including manufacturer market shares and product portfolios.

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