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ReportsnReports - China Port Industry Report, 2011

China Port Industry Report, 2011

Benefiting from the global economic recovery, the port industry of China witnessed robust growth in 2010 after experiencing the downturn in 2009. In 2010, cargo throughput of the ports in China accomplished 8.93 billion tons, up 16.7% YoY; the container throughput reached 146 million TEUs, a 19.4% YoY rise.
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Coastal ports in China can be divided into 5 port clusters, including pan-Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta, Southeast coast, Pearl River Delta and Southwest coast.Port Cluster in Yangtze River Delta-Relying on the Shanghai International Shipping Center and focusing on Shanghai port, Ningbo-Zhoushan port and Lianyungang port, the ports in this region are primarily serviced for the economic and social development of Yangtze River Delta and areas along the Yangtze River. In 2010, container throughput of Shanghai port registered at 29.07 million TEUs and ranked top 1 worldwide; its cargo throughput reached 563 million tons and ranked 2nd nationwide. As for Ningbo-Zhoushan port, it has built 723 berths of all kinds, with the throughput capacity over 200 million tons.
Port Cluster in Pearl River Delta- Mainly consisting of Guangzhou port, Shenzhen port, Zhuhai port and Shantou port, the ports in this region are served for South China and part of Southwestern areas. As for Shenzhen port, which is basically a container port, accomplished a container throughput of 22.51 million TEUs in 2010 and ranked 2nd nationwide and 4th worldwide. Guangzhou port achieved cargo throughput of 411 million tons and container throughput of 12.55 million TEUs, both ranking fourth nationwide.
Port Cluster in Pan-Bohai Rim- Including Liaoning, Tianjin-Hebei, and Shandong coastal port groups, the ports in pan-Bohai Rim mainly cover Dalian port, Yingkou port, Qihuangdao port, Tianjin port, Yantai port, Qingdao port and Rizhao port. Qingdao port mainly engages in loading and unloading import & export goods including containers, crude oil, iron ore and coal etc. In 2010, cargo throughput and container throughput of Qingdao port both ranked 5th in China. Tianjin port owns 140 berths of all sorts, among which 78 are production berths. In 2010, cargo throughput and container throughput of Tianjin port reached 413 million tons and 10.09 million TEUs respectively. Dalian port, the most important port in Northeast China, realized the cargo throughput of 314 million tons in 2010 and ranked 6th nationwide.
Table Of Contents
1. Status Quo of China's Port Industry
1.1 Infrastructure
1.1.1 Wharf Construction
1.1.2 Structure of Transport Capacity
1.1.3 Investment of Water Transport Construction
1.2 Performance in 2010-2011
1.2.1 Cargo Throughput
1.2.2 Container Throughput

2. Port Group Construction in China 

2.1 Yangtze River Delta
2.1.1 Shanghai Port
2.1.2 Ningbo-Zhoushan Port
2.1.3 Suzhou Port
2.1.4 Nanjing Port
2.1.5 Nantong Port
2.1.6 Competition Pattern
2.2 Pearl River Delta
2.2.1 Shenzhen Port
2.2.2 Guangzhou Port
2.2.3 Hong Kong Port
2.2.4 Competition Pattern
2.3 Circum-Bohai-Sea Region
2.3.1 Qingdao Port
2.3.2 Tianjin Port
2.3.3 Dalian Port
2.3.4 Competition Pattern
2.4 Southeast Coast Region
2.4.1 Xiamen Port
2.4.2 Fuzhou Port
2.4.3 Competition Pattern
2.5 Southwest Coast Region
2.5.1 Zhanjiang Port
2.5.2 North Bay Port
2.5.3 Competition Pattern

3. Key Coastal Port Enterprises in China 

3.1 Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. (SIPG)
3.1.1 Profile
3.1.2 Financial Operation
3.1.3 Production
3.2 Shenzhen Yantian Port Holdings Co., Ltd.
3.2.1 Profile
3.2.2 Financial Operation
3.2.3 Production
3.3 Tianjin Port Holdings Co., Ltd.
3.3.1 Profile
3.3.2 Financial Operation
3.3.3 Production
3.4 Tianjin Port Development Holdings Ltd.
3.4.1 Profile
3.4.2 Financial Operation
3.4.3 Production
3.5 Dalian Port (PDA) Co., Ltd.
3.5.1 Profile
3.5.2 Financial Operation
3.5.3 Production
3.6 Xiamen Port Development Co., Ltd.
3.6.1 Profile
3.6.2 Operation
3.7 Yingkou Port Liability Co., Ltd.
3.7.1 Profile
3.7.2 Operation
3.8 Jinzhou Port Co., Ltd.
3.8.1 Profile
3.8.2 Financial Operation
3.9 Rizhao Port Co., Ltd.
3.9.1 Profile
3.9.2 Operation
3.10 Shenzhen Chiwan Wharf Holdings Ltd. (CWH)
3.10.1 Profile
3.10.2 Production
3.10.3 Financial Operation
3.11 Beihai Port Co., Ltd.
3.11.1 Profile
3.11.2 Operation
3.12 Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd.
3.12.1 Profile
3.12.2 Operation
3.13 COSCO Pacific Ltd.
3.13.1 Profile
3.13.2 Operation
3.14 China Merchants Holdings (International) Co., Ltd. (CMHI)
3.14.1 Profile
3.14.2 Production
3.14.3 Financial Operation
3.15 Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH)
3.15.1 Profile
3.15.2 Operation
4. Key Inland Port Enterprises in China 
4.1 Chongqing Gangjiu Co., Ltd. (GSCL)
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 Operation
4.2 Nanjing Port Co., Ltd.
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 Operation
4.3 Wuhu Port Storage & Transportation Co., Ltd
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Operation
5. Development Outlook, 2011-2015
5.1 Influential Factors
5.2 Forecast of Cargo Throughput
5.3 Forecast of Container Throughput
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