Thursday, February 24, 2011

Advanced Oral & Parenteral Drug Delivery Technologies Players, Products & Prospects to 2015 "

Advanced Oral & Parenteral Drug Delivery Technologies Players, Products & Prospects to 2015 “

This report provides a detailed insight into the current and future market for oral and parenteral drug delivery technology, and…
Provides an overview of the marketplace, outlining current thinking on the technologies being researched and employed
Appraises currently available products which utilise advanced delivery platforms
Examines new product developments from major specialist drug delivery companies, critically analysing their prospects
Allows ready comparison on different technologies within a company’s portfolio.
The increasing number of new biological products, and the emergence of a biosimilars market has focused the industry’s attention on the development of novel and advanced drug delivery technologies which can deliver these new targeted products. However, oral and parenteral drug administration still dominates the market, and technical innovation is ensuring these tried and tested routes of administration continue to offer more compelling and effective methods of drug delivery.
The global pharmaceutical industry generated revenues of over US$800 billion in 2009, growing at around 7% per annum.
Oral formulations accounted for almost 60% of prescriptions, with the top 10 oral products accounting for nearly 10% of total global pharmaceutical sales. The global market for oral drug delivery enhanced products (DDEPs) was estimated to be worth around US$51 billion in 2009, accounting for nearly 60% of the market share of the entire DDEP market; sustained-release formulations represented over 95% of all oral DDEPs.
Parenteral drug delivery is the second largest segment of the market accounting for nearly 30% of the market share. It is presently valued at US$27 billion and is expected to reach US$51 billion by 2015 driven primarily by the launch of new biologics; the uptake of novel delivery platforms and the utilisation of controlled-release systems.
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