Monday, May 23, 2011

OLED Lighting Global Market Forecasts 2011 by ReportsnReports

OLED Lighting Global Market Forecasts: 2011 

This new report provides NanoMarkets' latest forecasts of OLED shipments and revenues in a number of sectors including general illumination, architectural lighting, signage, vehicular lighting, personal illumination products and backlighting.   The forecasts are based on NanoMarkets’ analysis of all the major players in the OLED lighting space and their plans for shipping products.  In these projections we take into account developments in the OLED lighting industry in the time since we published our last forecast in August of 2010.  Our analysts have critically examined all the major recent OLED lighting announcements and have determined what the latest products, technical achievements and pilot line manufacturing mean to the future of OLED lighting and have reengineered our forecasts accordingly. 
Source: OLED Lighting Global Market
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The report also discusses what economic and technical challenges will need to be overcome in order to reach acceptable revenue levels as well as examines the alternative scenarios and the impact of panel size, efficiency, luminance and lifetimes. 

This new report also extends previous forecasts into new categories.  For the first time we include projections of mobile OLED lighting products and a discussion of the revenue potential for OLEDs in the smart windows market.
Executive Summary
E.1 Introduction
E.2 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts:  General/Architectural Illumination Dominates
E.2.1 Still No Moderately Priced OLED Lighting Panels:  A Change from Our  2010 Forecast
E.2.2 Other Markets for OLED Lighting:  Future Opportunities?
E.2.3 Ongoing Challenges for OLED Lighting
E.3 Announced Timetables and Roadmaps of Major OLED Lighting Manufacturers
Chapter One:  Introduction:  Assumptions, Drivers and Challenges

1.1Background and Objectives of this Report
1.1.1 Scope of Forecast
1.1.2 Sources of Information
1.2 OLED Lighting:  Reasons to Believe
1.3 Ongoing Challenges
1.3.1 Continuing Impact of the Recession
1.4 Announced Timetables and Roadmaps of Major OLED Lighting Manufacturers
1.4.1 AUO (Taiwan)
1.4.2 Fraunhofer IPMS
1.4.3 Fujitec (Japan)
1.4.4 General Electric (U.S.)
1.4.5 Jusung Engineering (Korea)
1.4.6 Kaneka (Japan)
1.4.7 Konica Minolta (Japan)
1.4.8 Ledon (Germany)
1.4.9 LG (South Korea)
1.4.10 Lomox (U.K.)
1.4.11 Lumiotec (Japan)
1.4.12 Modistech (Korea)
1.4.13 Project
1.4.14 Organic Lighting (Japan)
1.4.15 Osram (Germany)
1.4.16 Panasonic (Japan)
1.4.17 Philips (Netherlands)
1.4.18 Pioneer/Mitsubishi (Japan)
1.4.19 PolyPhotonix (U.K.)
1.4.20 Rohm (Japan)
1.4.21 Showa Denko (Japan)
1.4.22 Universal Display (U.S.A.)
1.5 Impact of First OLED Lighting Products on our Forecasts
1.5.1 Revenue Sources in 2011:  Differences from 2010
1.5.2 Revenue Impact of First OLED Products Produced in Volume
1.5.3 OLED Lights as a General Lighting Substitute
1.5.4 OLED Makers' Revenue Expectations
1.6 Manufacturing Assumptions
1.6.1 The Role of Roll-to-Roll
1.7 Current and Future Pricing of OLED Lighting
1.8 Consumer Acceptance Assumptions and Alternative Scenarios
1.8.1 How Much Confidence Should You Have in these Forecasts?