Friday, February 3, 2012

Contact Lenses: Technologies and Global Markets

The key objective of this contact lens market report is to present an exhaustive analysis of the contact lens market with respect to key market dynamics, adoption trends, market forecasts, and competitive scenarios.  The report will also provide key decision-making factors such as major mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, new product launches, and exclusive strategies of top industry participants.  The report will aim at providing extensive forecast data for the contact lens market segmented by characteristic, usability, cosmetic, corrective, purpose, age, and others.

The contact lens market has been rising steadily.  However, its market penetration in developing economies is still negligible despite price correction efforts.  This is leading to significant awareness activities among the target group.  The market potential is being further enhanced as the age of contact lens wearers has been continually becoming lower (currently the minimum average age is 15).  The market has undergone significant transformations with respect to innovation, price, and target.  All these factors have altered the market approach.  This makes it immensely important for industry participants to understand the changing dynamics and adoption trends especially in developing economies.  This report will contain key dynamics, breaking innovations, and competitive intelligence and will provide a comprehensive outlook of the market.

Market Report for Contact Lens Technologies

Published: January 2012
No. of Pages: 161
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Key stakeholders of the report include key decision-makers such as CEOs, product and marketing heads, research heads of contact lens manufacturers, and retailers.  The report will also be useful to existing companies in the ophthalmology segment and those looking to enter the contact lens market.  Universities and consulting firms can derive in-depth market intelligence with respect to the overall contact lens market.

The key market segments covered in this report are as follows:
  • Purpose: Corrective, cosmetic, therapeutic
  • Characteristics: Rigid/hard, soft.
  • Usability/life span: Disposables (daily disposables, silicone contact disposables, up to 30 days, others), conventional/planned replacement (daily wear, extended wear).
  • Aesthetics/cosmetics: Tinted, translucent, colored, prosthetic contact lenses, special effect contact lenses.
  • Design in hard and soft lenses: Spherical, toric, cosmetic, orthokeratology (Ortho-K), multifocal, and custom made.
  • Corrective nature: Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia.
  • By age: Children, teens, young, middle, elderly.
  • Others: Hydrophilic/hydrogel, gas permeable, others.

The market estimates in the report are based on both primary and secondary research.  Intensive questionnaire and discussion guides were used to gather data from industry participants, key opinion leaders, and other market specialists across the targeted geographic segments.  The market numbers are further validated through a decision support database and top down market analysis.  Secondary research was performed through both paid sources such as Factiva, other domain-based subscription sites, and free sources such as company websites, Google search,, etc.

Varsha Bhat has more than 5 years experience in market intelligence, business research, strategic consulting, and analytics.  She has experience in the healthcare domain with respect to pharmaceuticals, pharma chemicals and technologies, and the life sciences market.  Varsha has been constantly tracking, authoring, and interacting with top market participants in these domains and has conducted high-level briefings.  She has frequently delivered research services that contain high-level analysis, strategic recommendations, and top business strategies to enhance the market shares of industry players.  She also has extensive experience in training and leading a global research and analytics team and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biotechnology and an MBA in marketing.