Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Retail Banking Competitor Tracker - January 2010

Retail Banking Competitor Tracker – January 2010

Datamonitor’s Retail Banking Competitor Tracker is a monthly product providing updates on key events relating to major players in retail banking across the globe. Covering major developments such as M&A activity, market entries and withdrawals, partnerships, product innovation, and customer targeting, the Retail Banking Competitor Tracker provides succinct summaries of key stories.
*Information on new product developments, mergers and acquisitions, distribution and partnerships.
*Insight on how the major retail banks are adapting to the ever changing economic climate.
First Direct targets account switchers with new branding and switching campaign
SNS Bank offers augmented-reality branch/ATM location services
Asian heavyweights continue to focus on high-growth Vietnam
Reasons to Purchase
*Provides a definitive source of information on all your competitors’ key strategies.
*Offers insight into how the competitive landscape is evolving through M&A activities, partnerships and organic growth.
*Detailed insight into new product developments within retail banking.
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