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Offshore Oil and Gas in the UK - Production, Drilling, Rig Activity and Expenditure

Offshore Oil and Gas in the UK – Production, Drilling, Rig Activity and Expenditure

Key historical and forecast data for the offshore oil and gas industry in the UK for the following indicators: production, drilling, rig activity and operating and capital expenditure data.
The report looks at the offshore oil and gas activities in the UK. The report details the main upstream indicators of activity from drilling activity, expenditure through to production. Our data goes back to 2000 for most categories and forward to 2030 for production. It gives analysts and investors a concise guide to this important industry.
  • Identify the opportunities in the UK offshore oil and gas industry by analyzing drilling activity and production from 2010 onwards
  • Develop investment strategies through a review of key suppliers of upstream supplies and services
  • Identify M&A targets by analyzing offshore production data (value, volume and share) on a company-by-company basis
  • Analyze and identify key rigs across the UK by comparing rigs across 26 parameters
  • Oil and gas production in the UK declined at a CAGR of 5.9% over the 2000-09 period. This is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% over the 2010-30 period.
  • Operation Expenditure (Opex) accounted for a 56.1% share of the total offshore expenditure in 2009 in the UK, while Capital Expenditure (Capex) accounted for the remaining 43.1% share.
Reasons to purchase
  • Which countries will see the fastest growth in offshore oil and gas activity?
  • Which companies are the most active in the offshore oil and gas sector?
  • How much expenditure will be incurred both as operational and capital expenditure?
  • How are oil and gas production trends evolving from 2000 to 2030?
  • Where will drilling activity be greatest?
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